Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantaloons

The Beginning Pt 2

behind the secret door


Discovered the secret behind the kobold activity, and learned of a possible conspiracy of even greater danger.



Adventure Log

Day 3

After taking an extended rest, you steeled yourselves for whatever might be behind the secret door. After unlocking the hidden door with the key you found, you opened the door to find a roughly hewn underground passageway. The air was cold and the walls were icy. As you continued through the tunnel, the air became colder and colder until the path opened up into a larger cavern that was dusted with snow. A large frozen pool sat in the middle of the cavern.

It doesn’t take long for you to discover that the cavern was the home of a fledgling white dragon. After an epic battle, you dispatched the white dragon.

Treasure: 100 gp, 1 pearl (20 gp), +1 Lifedrinker Longsword, a letter from Malareth to Szartharrax, Teldorthan’s piece of dragon hide.

Day 4

After resting in depths of Kobold Hall for one more night, you worked your way back to the surface. Upon reaching the ruins above ground, you were ambushed by more kobolds and a dark robed figure. You killed the kobolds fairly easily, but the dark robed figure escaped before you could even harm him.

You journeyed back to your homestead to regroup and stash your treasure before heading to Fallcrest to collect your reward.



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