Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantaloons

The Precious Box

goblins in the temple tonight


Began the search for a stolen box deep within an dilapidated minotaur temple occupied by goblins.



Adventure Log

Day 6

After spending a day at the homestead recuperating, you traveled to Fallcrest to collect your rewards. You first went to the Blue Moon Alehouse and found Sergeant Murgeddin having ale with another dwarf by the name of Traevus. You collected your bounty for the kobold leader and bag of kobold heads. Murgeddin told you that Teldorthan was probably manning his shop and was anxious to get his dragon scales back. You headed over to Teldorthan’s Arms and received your reward from Teldorthan. During the conversation, Teldorthan mentioned that he heard that Traevus was having some problems with goblins stealing his goods. You headed back over to the Alehouse, and Traevus contracted you to find a stolen box. He would not specify what was in the box, only that it was private and very important to him. He offered you 100 gp for the safe return of the box, and he showed you on a map the location of an ancient abandoned minotaur temple where the goblins have made their home.

After leaving the Alehouse, you headed over to the Septarch’s Tower to tell Nimozaran about Szartharrax, the white dragon leading the kobolds of Kobold Hall, and about the letter you found from Malareth to Szartharrax. Nimozaran was waiting for you at the door to his tower. He seemed disturbed by the idea that a white dragon would be living so close to Fallcrest, and he said he would see if he could find any information about Malareth. In gratitude for your information gathering, he shared that he has the following rituals that you could copy from his ritual book: Comprehend Language (lvl 1), Eye of ALarm (lvl 2), and Enchant Magic Item (lvl 4). Because copying a ritual takes 8 hours, you decided to come back at a better time if you decide you could use the rituals.

You left Fallcrest, heading west on King’s Road. After crossing the Nentir River, you headed south into some foothills just to the east of The Cloak Wood. It didn’t take long to spot some caves in the side of one of the hills. You spotted goblin activity from afar, and snuck up close to the entrance by hiding behind some large boulders. You quickly attacked, easily killing several goblins. You explored the shallow caves and discovered two doors leading deeper into the hill.

You chose the right-most door, and found yourself in a room occupied by a couple more goblins cutthroats, along with a goblin hex hurler and a guard drake. You defeated these foes, gathered a little bit of treasure, and Nephilim examined a pool of water. The pool provided a blurry vision of the dark robed figure, who ambushed you at Kobold Hall, standing next to a skeletal figure.

You had the choice between two doors, and you once again chose the right-most door. Through the door was a small chamber occupied by a dire rat. The dire rat managed to get a good bite on Flint, who then contracted the Filth Fever. You decided to camp for the night in the small room.

Treasure: 300 sp



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