Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantaloons

The Precious Box Pt 2

poopy sweaty filth fever


Continued your search for the stolen box, had a length discussion with a younger brother of a fallen acquaintance, and had trouble moving.



Adventure Log

Day 7

During an uncomfortable night, suffering through the unmentionable symptoms of the Filth Fever, Flint received the caring attention of the group’s cleric Arcturas. With Arcturas’ help, Flint awoke after the extended rest refreshed and ready to push on.

Again confronted with two doors, your group once again chose the right-most door. Halamar tried very unsuccessfully to surreptitiously open the door, peak in, and then quickly close the door. His noisy attempt ensured that the 3 goblins on the other side of the door would be ready for you. The group charged in and quickly dispatched the minions. During the battle, a goblin on the other side of another door in the chamber opened the door and plunged an arrow into Flint. Bellamin acted quickly by going through the closed left-most door to take on the inhabitants of that room. There you found another 2 dire rats and 3 more goblins. Your group charged into that room to extinguish the vermin. During the encounter, Bellamin moved towards one end of a long carpet, triggering a false-floor pit trap and falling into a 10’ pit filled with excrement. One of the dire rats got another bite into Flint, but he managed to avoid catching the Filth Fever again.

After defeating the enemies in that room, you searched the area, but found no treasure. You did, however, find an inscription on the back of a minotaur champion statue. The message read:

Seven days have passed and I am the only one who remains. I fear I will never escape to bring word of this place to my clan, to warn them of the danger. Something has driven Morgana mad, and I despair of ever learning what it was. You who find this must warn-

The group then faced deciding between three doors. The group chose a small door down a long hallway. The room beyond the door was filled with cool air, religious ruins on the floor, a broken altar to the god Pelor, and two tiny kobolds. The kobolds shrieked that they must tell their master, but you quickly killed them before they got out of the room. Pulling back a velvet curtain, you entered a long hallway with a couple more kobolds milling about. The kobolds screamed for their master as one of them was quickly mowed down by the group. From behind another set of velvet curtains, you heard a deep booming voice asking who was intruding upon his lair. After pulling back that velvet curtain, you discovered a small icy room with fledgling white dragon. You deduced that this was Farralax, the younger brother to the white dragon Szartharrax, whom you killed in Kobold Hall.

After some debate as to whether you should attack the dragon or engage in discourse with him, you decided to have a conversation. This triggered a skill challenge, where you had to achieve 8 successes before 3 failures. Bellamin started off first and failed immediately by trying to intimidate the dragon. After that the group used their best skills to plowed through 8 successful attempts at swaying the dragon to a semi-friendly state. You learned that the dragon was begrudgingly working with Malareth, who was engaging in necromancy.

You finished your conversation with Farralax and freely explored his area of the temple, which included altars to Bahamut, Moradin, Erathis, and Pelor. Arcturas and Nephilim spent some time meditating at the altar of Erathis, thereby gaining his divine favor for the next encounter.

Moving back to the only door leading to an unknown area, you discovered a room with a checkered light and dark floor, creating an 8×8 grid. The room had 7 statues at the opposite end, including four men-at-arms, a noble queen, a mounted knight, and a small elephant carrying a siege tower on its back. As you entered the room, you found your movement to be restricted. When you tried to move into certain spaces, a magical force would pierce your mind for 5 psychic damage. Each time that happened, the statues would come alive and take action. Some of you made your way across the room, while others stayed put and fired attacks at the statues. Eventually all the statues were destroyed, and Bellamin was at the doors at the opposite side of the room. He opened the doors to find several human mercenaries. He prepared to do battle while the rest of the group continued to try to make their way across the room with the strange movement restrictions.

To be continued…

Treasure: None



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