Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantaloons

The Beginning

every new beginning starts with...


Familiarized yourself with your friends in town, and received your first paid mission as adventurers.



Adventure Log

Day 1

While visiting Fallcrest to buy goods for your new adventurer’s homestead, you stopped at the Blue Moon Alehouse to have drinks with your old friends Sergeant Murgeddin and Teldorthan Ironhews.

Over a few rounds, Murgeddin spoke of overly aggressive kobold activity along the King’s Road. Although shipments being hijacked is nothing new, these kobolds seemed to be more organized and brazen than usual. Teldorthan interjected that he himself was victim to the kobold activities. A shipment containing a particularly valuable cured green dragon hide, which was to become a suit of scale armor, was stolen.

Teldorthan offered a reward of 200 gp for the return of his dragon hide. Murgeddin stated that the Lord Warden was offering 10 gp per kobold head and an additional 100 gp for proof that the kobold leader had been killed. The dwarves also mentioned that Nimozaran the Green had been asking about kobold activity along the road, and they suggested that you speak with the wizard.

Upon leaving the Blue Moon, you went to the Septarch’s Tower where Nimozaran lives. He greeted you at the door and said that he too thought the kobold activity was suspicious. He believed that something else must be going on at Kobold Hall. He tasked you with finding out more information and in return he might have magical rituals that could help you.

After debating for quite some time about plans on how to go after the kobolds, you finally decided to head home, get a good night’s rest, and then travel to Kobold Hall first thing in the morning.

Day 2

Upon reaching Kobold Hall you searched the ruins and found a trap door that led to the old cellars of the ruined hall.

In the first room, you found a pit of sludge and battled 2 kobold slingers and 3 kobold skirmishers. You killed all but one kobold, keeping the survivor alive and attempted to get information out of him. He wasn’t of much use, but you stuffed him in a bag to take with you. You managed to get through a portcullis and proceeded to the next area.

In the second room, you worked your way through dart traps and found another 3 kobold skirmishers, who proved little challenge.

In the third room, you found another sludge pit and some kobolds playing a game with a rock on a rope that they were swinging to knock skulls into the sludge pit. Although they would have used the rock as a weapon against you, your quick action dispatched the kobolds before they could act. After bursting through a weak wooden door, you were able to kill 2 kobold skirmishers, 4 kobold minions, and 2 guard drakes.

In the final room, you discovered a rolling boulder trap. While avoiding the boulder, you worked your way through the room and managed to kill the kobold wyrmpriest leader, his 2 kobold dragonshield bodyguards, 2 kobold slingers, and a tiny spiretop drake.

Treasure: 160 gp, 1 ruby (50 gp), 2 garnets (25 gp/each), +1 Staff of the War Mage, some parchment that described a hidden door, and a key.

The question remains… what lies behind that secret passageway?



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